iPhone 2019 Can Be Charge Under Water – Patent Leaked


We have seen a lot of crazy water resistance test done on iPhone 2019, iPhone patent & yes there were a lot of issues & hence Apple plan to improve it. The one thing that no one tested was if iPhone could be charged under water. There was obvious one reason & that your internal components would get short circuit. The similar patent was leaked few months back showing the iPhone working on being water proof, but this time we have more patent image highlight the water proof feature.

It seems that iPhone is working closely to improve the iPhone and make it Water  proof instead of water resistance. We have recently seen few patent leak on next generation iPhone that uses “liquid-tight fluid-tightness” that helps to prevent iPhone’s internal circuits from getting damaged under water. This new patent shows that when the iPhone is plugged in for charging under water, the sealing technology prevent the water or any liquid to reach to the internal circuits, which tends to be the only phone that can be charged under water.

The patent shows a rubber like thin object surrounding the charging port at the bottom, which blocks all the gaps and prevent the port from water. We have recently seen some leak on iPhone to come with type-c charging port, but this patent does not shows this happening. It seems like the iPhone 2019 will have the same thunder port as the rest of the iPhone’s.

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