It’s Official: OnePlus 6 Is Launching In India On 17th May


We were hearing a lot OnePlus 6 launch. We already told you that the device will be unveiled on 16th May in London. Now, OnePlus has made the Indian launch date official on their social media accounts. So, the OnePlus 6 will be announced on 17th May in India. Below the article, here find the OnePlus 6 Is Launching In India.

OnePlus 6 Is Launching In India

So, as you can see in the image above, the OnePlus 6 will be announced in India on 17th May, 3PM IST in Mumbai.

There is also a new video teaser that OnePlus came up with which quickly shows up a few segments like a Snapdragon SOC, Camera & Speed. So as always, OnePlus is trying to deliver a complete package here.

The OnePlus 6 will be sold exclusively via. Amazon in India so, theya re already giving you an option where you can opt-in to get a notification from Amazon India when the device becomes available.

We’re not sure if the “Avengers: Infinity War” special edition will be showcased in the same event or not but, if we have to guess, we don’t think that OnePlus will hold off for any further for it.

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