LG G4 and further models will have LG Camera Developed By LG Innotek


LG Camera Module

LG is been using Sony’s camera on their smartphone, but now there is a change. LG Innotek have announced that they are developing a 16MP camera module. From now on, LG smartphone will be installed with the their own camera lense. This camera module has started with the mass production at the LG Innotek plant. This LG Camera module will be first seen in the LG G4, wich will be launched this month.

Unlike other cameras in the LG smartphone, this module have a capacity to receive 80% more light, which ensures that the new LG camera module will give you the best low-light camera image processing.

Ung-beom Lee, CEO at LG Innotek said, “At LG Innotek, we are constantly working to ensure that the cameras we develop allow users to capture and preserve the moments that are most special to them. We are extremely excited to see our technology in LG’s next flagship smartphone because we believe that the power, precision and operability of our camera module will clearly make an impression on consumers.

With this 16 MP camera module, the LG Innotek have also developed 8MP front camera module. They claim that LG front facing camera will be the best camera having highest resolution till date. The 8MP front camera module have a 0.11 mm IR filter which helps to provide a balanced colored image.


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