Mi 7 May Not Include A Fingerprint Scanner For The Sake Of Face Recognition !


Apple’s decision to remove the Touch ID & depend completely on Face ID was one of the worst decisions for the iPhone X & user feedbacks confirm that. Apple has been setting up Industry trends for a while now & the terrifying news is that Xiaomi might also skip the fingerprint scanner for Face Unlock in the Mi 7.

Terrified already ? Well, a recent report claims that Xiaomi is also going to fall behind the Apple footsteps by removing the Fingerprint Scanner for the sake of Facial Recognition from the Mi 7. Now, it’s not clear what exactly this Face recognition technology is based on but, if Xiaomi is planning to drop the Fingerprint Scanner for it then, it is probably 3D Facial Recognition cause, everything else is not as secure.

This might also be an indication about the design of the Mi 7. Just like Apple did with the iPhone X, Xiaomi may also cut down the bezels as much as possible & fill most of the front with screen. Or they may simply preserve it for the Mi Mix 3 that is also going to be announced later in 2018.

But, we hope even if Xiaomi has something like this in mind, they better back off from this decision. People are already annoyed by that weired 2-step Face ID Unlock on the iPhone X & almost everyone wanted back the Touch ID. So, if Xiaomi removes the Fingerprint Sensor from the Mi 7, no one is going to appreciate that & even people may back off from the device just because of this fact. So, if you have this in mind Xiaomi, you better back off.


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