Mi A1’s Display Ran Into Issues Within A Couple Of Months Of Purchase

So if I recall then, we purchased the Mi A1 in early November & we have already published the review here. Since then one of our articulators was using it as his daily driver. The issue however occurred recently or I may say Yesterday.


So, as you can see in the images above, there is a permanent Yellow mark on Right side of the the Display. It hasn’t been damaged physically or anything. That mark appeared automatically. So, how can a device run into this kind of Display problem with a couple of months of purchase ? Maybe Xiaomi can give an answer to this. But, from a pure user perspective, this is quite frustrating.

We mean, this is not expected from a device that’s less than two months old right ? If users are investing money into this device, this is not what they expect. So Xiaomi, though you price devices very well but please, don’t fit this kind of hardware in your devices.