Micormax Targets MENA Market With 4 new Smartphones (Micromax Q465, Micromax Q301, Micromax X406 & Micromax X704)



Micromax has been struggling these days, but it seems they have a huge play for the year 2017. According to the recent Press Release, Micromax has confirmed to sell their 4 new smartphone (Micromax Q465, Micromax Q301, Micromax X406 & Micromax X704) in the MENA market (Middle East and North Africa region).

A month back with their regional channel specialist Techannl they have set up a huge distribution network across Bahrain, Palestine, Oman, UAE & Qatar & soon after that they are planning to capture MENA market. It seems that Micormax has gained business rise; thanks to Techannl.

Looking at all 4 models, the Micromax Q465 is an affordable smartphone with 4G support, & fingerprint senor, whereas the Micromax Q301 is an entry level smartphone. They also have a featured-full smartphone that is the Micromax X406 and the Micromax X704.

With this launch I believe that Micromax is looking out a growth in the market by introducing a featured packed smartphone with an easy budget.

Sandeep Saihgal, tchannl, regional partners of Micromax says “Our immediate goal is to increase the footprint across the MENA region and ensure that the brand has proper representation and availability in the channels. We have covered a lot of ground over the last month and the acceptance of the product by the channel partners and consumers has been overwhelming. Using the market knowledge and feedback from our partners we will continuously introduce products in line with consumer insights from the region. Our aim is to bring forth world-class products within the consumer reach to this market.”

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