Motorola Files A Patent That Can Self Heal Your Broken Screen


Motorola is already well known for their Force series phones those have a Shatterproof screen. Now, a recent report is claiming that Motorola recently filed a patent at the US Patent Office that indicates to the development of a technology for Self Healing of the Screen of your Smartphone.

Motorola Files A Patent That Can Self Heal Your Broken Screen

This Self Healing process will use heat from your device to fix the cracks on your screen. Now, the above picture shows how this process will take action. The users need to open a specific option in their device &  loop-in the broken area with their fingers. After selecting the broken area, they need to click on the repair option. This will heat up the device or maybe that specific part of that device to repair that particular  section.

Now, this process is probably not possible with a Glass Screen. So, it looks like Motorola will also develop a specific material that can be used for implementing this self healing process.

Motorola Files A Patent That Can Self Heal Your Broken Screen


Well, we don’t know how exactly Motorola is trying to push this technology but, if they get success with this technology, maybe you’ll never need to torture your money for repairing your broken screen.

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But, we see some real difficulties with this technology. The biggest of them is the amount of heat it’ll need to repair your screen. If the heat is way too much, it may damage the other hardware components inside your Smartphone. Overcoming this difficulty won’t be easy. But, let’s see how well Motorola can handle this kind of difficulty anyway.

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