New ChromeBook Exposed With Snapdragon 845 & Stylus


Chromebook is been doing great in the Foreign market especially in the US & one of the biggest reason behind this is the price. According to the recent report from XDA, they have spotted the new Chromebook 2018 with Snapdragon 845 GPU.

The Chromebook spotted is the Prototype & it is expected to be launched by the end of this year. This Chromebook will installed the latest Chrome OS & is given a code “cheza” & will be manufactured by HP. Along with this, the Chromebook will also support the eSIM and will support the UFS flash memory.

What’s more in this new ChromeBook X2 is the AMD Ruilong & it is said that there will be another version that will come with additional Windows 10 version. In the US the ChromeBook has been doing great in the Education sector & is expected to grow it’s market in other sectors too.

One of the biggest changes that could see in this new Chromebook is the Stylus. This is one of the biggest change made & this Stylus is been designed by Wacom, so could we expect some additional feature.

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