The Next Vogue Magazine Cover Will Be Shot On Huawei P10


Huawei just published a tweet where they said, “We’re redefining the cover shot with #Vogue !” . This tweet confirmed that the upcoming Vogue Magazine cover is going to be shot on Huawei’s upcoming flagship device P10.


Vogue Magazine Huawei P10


This tweet also shows two different models that are the P10 & the P10 Plus. Looking at the image kinda confirms that the P10 & the P10 Plus will have a simmilar Camera setup with one Normal & one Monochorme sensor. Huawei wants to show up their Monochrome magic to the world & that’s definitely the reason behind a B/W cover.  But we are expecting more photos on the inside.

Can Huawei make the Cameras much better than the already great camera of the P9 ? To know that, we have to wait till 26th February 2017 as they’ll be launching it at MWC 2017 . But do you think that, this step will be a game changer for Huawei ? Let us know in the comments section below ….

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