OnePlus 5T Will Launch In New York On November 16th


OnePLus 5T Launch in New York

So it’s finally confirmed that OnePlus 5T will be launched in New York on November 16th. The launch will take place at 11 AM ET in Brooklyn, New York City. People from New York who wants to attend this even, can get in by paying $40, which will start from tomorrow.

Soon after this release a flash sell with start from November 21st. In India the company will receive the units from November 28th & then will be released in China on 1st December.

One think that I am excited to see in the OnePlus 5T is how will they optimize the Android 8.0. Apart from that the performance of the Snapdragon 835 is what more interesting to check. Since Apple has become 2nd with 97 score & Google Pixel XL 2 to still top the DXOMark chart, this will be interesting to see if OnePlus 5T will top the char above Pixel 2XL or not.

What’s more to see  in the OnePlus 5T is their hyped camera test leaks to be true or just a marketing gimmick. Overall, everything is still prediction until we see the device hands-on.


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