ASUS Zenbo Will Finally be Available In China From November 14th


In 2016 ASUS introduced us to one of the most innovated technology called Zenbo. After its launch everyone was excited to know if this robot will be for sale or is it just a gimmick. This Zenbo was nothing but the future of technology that everyone was waiting for. With todays news regarding Zenbo, ASUS will start selling Zenbo in China from November 14th & China will becomes 2nd country to officially sell Zenbo after Taiwan. 

It feels like just yesterday, when we saw the Zenbo & now we will be able to buy this in our home. One of the sad part is that this amazing master piece will  not be available in all the countries. Few of the countries that will be selling the Zenbo is US & Japan on the Q1 of 2018.

This Zenbo will be pre-installed with Tencent’s smart system for  local services. The Zenbo is already been selling in Taiwan which was a great success & now China to be the next. We can expect the Zenbo to be a great use for pre-school, hospitals & many other places.

The Zenbo has a memory of 128GB, which is only available in Taiwan for NT$24,900. What makes this robot possible are Pegatron, Intel & RealSense working together to deliver this (& obviously ASUS). We might be able to see the Zenbo to be selling world wide soon in 2018.