OnePlus 6 Launch Date Leaked – 5-5-2018


It seems like an accident, but OnePlus 6 launch date has been leaked. Today at one of the OnePlus Facebook group a user shared the teaser of OnePlus 6 launch date. The 2018 OnePLus 6 will be launched on 5th May in China. 

The leak image is basically from China & we believe that OnePlus is planning to launch this device in China first. We have already seen that the OP6 to come with Snapdragon 845 & talking about the latest news that OnePlus to launch on 27th April might be a gimmick, but we are expecting the appearance of OnePlus 6 during the movie release of the Avengers: Infinity War or are they planning to make the limited edition model.

The leak also says the launch is going to happen by 14:00, but the time zone is not yet clear. We are yet to know get the location details on it.



OnePlus 6 to launch on 5th March 2918
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OnePlus 6 to launch on 5th March 2918
So finally we got our hands on the OnePlus 6 launch date which is going to happen on 5th May 2018.
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  1. The location is probably described in the two characters between date and time. Would somebody be so kind to post the full English translation of the text on this picture? TIA!


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