OPPO F7 Official Teaser Confirms 25MP Selfie Camera


How many Megapixels do you desire to have in your Selfie Camera ? Is it 8 Megapixels or 12 Megapixels or 24 Megapixels? Well, even that’s not enough for you then, OPPO is bringing the F7 with a 25 Megapixel Selfie Camera & it has been confirmed officially.

OPPO F7 Official Teaser Confirms 25MP Selfie Camera

The above image was posted on the Facebook handle of OPPO India which clearly confirms the existence of a 25MP Front Camera to click high-res selfies. Yes, this info was previously rumored but, has been confirmed now.

However, packing this many pixels in such a tiny sensor will definitely result in smaller pixel sizes & lower sensitivity. So, practically it doesn’t have any big advantages other than that High Pixel Count but, that’s just how OPPO has been marketing their devices so, this is no surprise by any means.

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