OPPO’s New Screen Patent Looks Like The iPhone X !


Oppo & Vivo have a history of copying the iPhone from a long time. Just not from the Outside, even their UI resembles the iOS quite a bit.  Now, in the Trend of More Screen – Less Bezel Design, Oppo has also entered the Game with their F5 & R11S. Now, a new screen patent filed by OPPO has appeared & it resembles the screen on the iPhone X quite a bit.


OPPO's New Screen Patent Looks Like The iPhone X


So, as you can see, on the top the Display has a cut out just like there is on the iPhone X Display to make place for that notch. Now, the iPhone X has that notch for a purpose right ? All those sensors & the Front Facing Camera embedded in the notch enable several applications like 3D Facial Recognition, Facial tracking for Animojis etc. If OPPO is going for a notch, there should be a good reason behind it. I mean it should be really useful instead of looking cool or having place for Dual Cameras for shallow DOF selfie & stuff.

So, not sure what OPPO is actually planning with a iPhone X like notch but, OPPO we’ll definitely like some originality from you guys as well. It just that we’re tired of seeing iPhone like designs from you guys.




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