A Brief Explanation on the Popular Tattoo Styles Around the World

Popular Tattoo Styles

It’s not an easy task to select an ideal tattoo style. After all, the tattoos will be permanent hence they should represent one’s unique thoughts, emotions, personality, and imagination. Each of these tattoos carries a special meaning. Unfortunately, it’s pretty daunting to select an ideal style since there are thousands of them available now. In fact, expert artists are creating their unique variation of tattoo styles every day.

So, it’s pretty overwhelming to decide what’s suited the best for an individual’s aesthetic. After all, everyone has their preferences. Once they settle on a tattoo style that they love the most, the tattoo artist can ensure the style comes out perfectly.

It will be pretty difficult to choose the ideal style without being aware of the different types of tattoo styles available all over the world. In fact, the styles that these days modern tattoo artists create are adapted from these popular and centuries-old tattoo styles. So, let’s take a look at the different tattoo styles that have garnered huge popularity all over the world so that one can figure out the best one,

  • The Traditional Style 

The traditional or old school tattoo style is basically known for bright colors, bold lines, and iconic designs. Mostly, people choose bright-colored roses, gorgeous lady heads to design according to the traditional style. It’s one of the popular tattoo styles in the tattoo community all across the globe. The reason why these old school tattoo styles have maintained their popularity is due to their timeless and striking beauty. There’s hardly any chance of going wrong with the tattooing decision when people prefer this genre.

But, the traditional tattoo style has several other names such as classic Americana, western traditional, classic tattoo, etc. People must carefully choose an expert from the best San Diego tattoo shops to avoid getting any tattoo allergy in the future. Some of the examples of these traditional tattoo styles include Sailor Jerry, Don Ed Hardy, etc.

  • Japanese Tattoo Style 

Japanese style is one of the popular forms of tattoo style. The tradition of Japanese tattoo style was started back in the Edo period in 1603. Back at that time, the woodblock prints of these Japanese tattoo styles were extremely popular among all the merchants. These icons have still maintained their timeless beauty. People from around the world prefer these Japanese tattoo styles to tell their stories. In fact, each of these icons in Japanese tattoo style speaks a lot about the rich past of Japan.

The most popular form of Japanese tattoo style is the Irezumi. Tattoo artists these days create masterpieces while mixing the traditional Japanese tattoo style and the modern icons. But, it’s perfect for specific areas such as arms, back, and legs as it requires enough space to showcase the large images of Japanese tattoo style. Also, people should carefully choose a tattoo shop to get a perfect Japanese style tattoo.

  • Tribal Tattoo Style 

Tribal tattoos are one of the oldest forms of tattoo styles. These styles are the combined form of different traditions of the aboriginal communities of the globe. So, it’s often more diverse and beautiful. However, it requires a trained eye and expert hand to create a masterpiece with a tribal tattoo style. One must consult an expert to create a perfect tribal tattoo style.

There are certain forms among the tribal tattoo styles such as blackwork that have garnered huge popularity over the world. It involves thick and bold lines combined with various geometric shapes. These days tattoo artists are adding new levels to these tribal tattoo styles by incorporating new patterns and images with them.

  • Realistic Tattoo Style 

The realistic tattoo style is one of the newest forms of tattoo styles around the globe. Still, it has garnered huge popularity within this short period. Now one can select some of the jaw-dropping colors from these realistic tattoo styles and create a masterpiece with them. These tattoos look more like a portrait as it’s too detailed and layered. These are also known as realism tattoos. It either depicts the celebrity face or the surreal art or natural scene. But, it requires an expert artist to create a perfect sketch of these realistic tattoo styles.

  • Neo-Traditional Tattoos 

Neo-traditional tattoos are the evolutionary tattoo style of the traditional ones. It involves detailed line work and vibrant color to create the perfect sketch. But, this has an illustrative quality too. These neo-traditional artists are mainly influenced by Art Deco aesthetics. So, they prefer to use broader motifs and colors to create the tattoos. Tattoos are more decorative and beautiful in this neo-traditional tattoo style.

Sometimes it includes florals, animals like natural imagery to create beautiful and decorative artwork. It requires some mastery of the tattoo artist to create the desired piece so consult an expert before getting any of these tattoos done.