Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Set A New Benchmark For Fast Charging With Quick Charge 4+


Quick Charge 4+

We already know that Samsung is working on Graphene Battery one of the fastest charging technology, but this new technology is yet to release. Today we have a news on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, which will set a new battery benchmark for other smartphones. This new fast charging technology is called as Quick Charge 4+.

This is more of a smart charging technology which has an intelligent thermal balance which monitors  the heat level of the power sent & received into the battery. This new charging technology makes it clear that it is introduced by keeping all the safety measure so that the Samsung Galaxy S 7 incident doesn’t happen again.

This thermal balance technology helps to manage the temperature of the connector  and the temperature of the phone at the same time to keep I balanced and safe. This new Quick Charge 4+ technology will improve the charging 15%

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