A New Leak Gives More Insights For The Galaxy S9 !


The Galaxy S9 is no doubt the most hyped Smartphone for early 2018 & it’s probably coming out this MWC. However, some of the details of the device have been spotted in the form of a Retail Box printing & it actually tells a lot about the device.

Galaxy S9 Retail Box Leak Shows A 5.6 inch QHD+ Display, f-1.5 to f-2.4 Super Speed Camera & 4GB RAM

The leak shows a 5.6 inch QHD+ 18.5:9 Display, 4GB RAM & 64 Gigabytes of Memory. The Camera uses a 12MP Variable Aperture Camera, that goes from f-1.5 to f-2.4. Just as I told you guys in the Samsung W2018 article,  Whenever it detects a bright environment (take a a situation under direct sunlight for example), it switches to smaller a f-2.4 aperture & whenever it detects a low-light environment, it automatically switches to the larger f-1.5 Aperture.

Super-slow motion is supported as both the Snapdragon 845 & the Exynos 9810 support it. The RAM & Internal Storage remains the same & the IP68 Rating is also there. The Earpiece will double as a Speaker & both the Spears are tuned by AKG.

So, though most things remain the same, the Camera seems to be highly improved. So, we’ll see that when it finally comes out.

[ Update: S9+ Details Also Leaked ]

According to our sources, the S9+ will have 6GB RAM, a 12MP Normal + 13MP Telephoto Dual Camera Configuration on the Back, the same 8MP Sensor on the Front & a bigger 3600 mAh Battery & there will be a 3200 mAh Battery in the regular S9.

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