Samsung New Wearable Exposed With Bio-Processor


Samsung Wareable - S-Patch

In CES2016 Samsung introduced new wearable devices in the market and now there is a leak of a new wearable called as S-Patch which will be installed with the Samsung Bio-Processor. According to the sources it is expected to be launched soon in the market.

According to the reports it was expected that Samsung is planning to come with their first bio-processor device and now here we have the S-Patch. Today it got confirmed as the devices got exposed online through a Chinese portal.  The image leaked of the Samsung wearable has a classic design and it is said that it will have health related personal sensor data reading. This helps the device to monitor your personal health data.


We don’t know about how the product will look like, but this image leak shows that the product will look elegant. We can assume that the device will come with the latest version Bluetooth, electrocardiogram and other health related sensors. It is expected that the device will be more focused on reading health data, where few sources says that this device can read your heart beats and can check your blood pressure too (Not yet confirmed). Also  it is possible that the have a Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor that will measure your skin temperature and body fats.

Currently there is no confirmation about the S-Patch price & configuration, but it is sure that Samsung S-Patch will launch soon in the market.

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