Samsung To Invest $18.6 Billion To Improve Chip & OLED Display


After ASUS’s Zenfone AR, it seems like all the major brands are focusing into developing AR supporting technologies. Even companies like Apple has recently been in news to introduce AR in their upcoming iPhone 8. According to the recent news by Samsung To Invest $18.6 Billion To Improve Chip & OLED Display & NAND flash memory chip.

Samausng Investment
Source: SamsungTomorrow

It seems that Samsung is focusing more on AR (Augmented Reality) technology in their upcoming smartphones. According to industry sources the wafer production of Samsung Electronics’ Xi’ a plant in China has reached 100,000 sheets on a monthly basis a year and a half after starting a full operation. Its monthly production stood at 10,000 to 20,000 sheets last year and passed the 50,000 mark in the third quarter of this year.

The latest figure has far surpassed its previous forecasts of 60,000 to 70,000 sheets. It means that the demand of 3D NAND flash products is growing greater than expected. Analysis is expected, the new production line will be used to effectively ease the situation after the out of stock. The company is also planning to use them in mobile devices, including smartphones, in the upcoming year.

Samsung Electronics has become the world’s first company to mass produce 3D NAND flash chips in last year, and has been producing its second-generation chip with 32 layers and the current third-generation product with 48 layers.


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