Rumor – Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Be The First Smartphone To Support Screen Embedded Fingerprint


Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumour

At the MWC 2017 we saw VIVO’s first attempt to introduce Screen Embedded Fingerprint sensor on the smartphone. It seems that Samsung was secretly working on this. According to the source Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the first smartphone to get fingerprint sensor on display.

We were still gathering leaks & news for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & now this. This doesn’t mean that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will also get the same feature, According to KGI. Sorry for S9.

I remember Samsung has recently invested $18.6 Billion on Display & chipset which can be a part of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 development. But, there has been some technical difficulties in the development phase, which can be expected to resolve soon. Note sure if we can see the prototype of the phone soon, but I expect it to be out soon after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

According to KGI, Apple is also working on the screen embedded fingerprint technology, which they failed to introduces in the iPhone 8, but can be expected to be out on the next version. I was really expecting VIVO to be the pioneer to bring this revolution, but it looks like Samsung takes the lead here.

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