This Might Be The Samsung Wireless Fast Charger For The Galaxy S9


Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S9 & S9+ on 25th February 2018. Now, as Samsung does every year, there will be some new accessories available alongside. One of them will definitely be a new wireless charger & in this case the newly caught EP-N5100 could be the one for the Galaxy S9.

This Wireless Charger was caught in a softcopy of a Samsung User Manual. The EP-N5100 is a Fast Charger & it supports around 9V-1.67A (15W) Input Power which is pretty similar to what we have on the current gen EP-PG950. This means the expected bump in Capacity of 18W is not happening this time.

However, digging into more technical details, the EP-N5100 comes with Two Charging Coils & there is a small Fan in the Back to cool things down. The power cable has a USB Type-C Input which connects at the back of the Charger.



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