Samsung’s New Patent Hides The Camera And Fingerprint Under The Screen


Samsung is pushing boundaries in terms of Smartphone technology & they have recently filed a new patent where they will hide the Front Facing Camera, the Fingerprint Scanner & all the sensors under the Display.

If you look at the shape of the device, it kinda, no it completely resembles the Galaxy Note series. So, maybe this patent will come to life with the Galaxy Note 9 (Or Note X or whatever Samsung wants to call it). That’s actually possible as we’re expecting an under display fingerprint scanner in the next Galaxy Note anyway & Samsung manages to do even better, we appreciate that.

Samsung has also been making transparent OLED Displays lately. So, if you’re not aware, they made that Transparent OLED Panel for that Cortana Powered GLAS Thermostat which is a product of Johnson Controls. So maybe a better implementation of that technology will allow Samsung to move every possible upper Display element (excluding the earpiece) under the Display. We’ll see when the next Galaxy Note comes out.


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