Samsung Is Getting Into Gaming Smartphone Industry


Samsung May Introduce Their Own 5G Modem In 2019

The era of Smartphones seems to take a new turn to Gaming smartphones. Recently we have been seeing a huge interest growth for Gaming smartphone. It all started with Razer and now the recent launch ROG Smartphone has proven that the Smartphone industry can take a new turn.

Recently a twitter user (MMDDJ_) twitted saying that Samsung is working on the Gaming Smartphone. There is no confirmation from the brand, but the source can be trusted. The source also started that the Samsung Gaming Smartphone will be called as the Samsung X (Remember X is not for the fold-able Samsung concept phone) .

There is no such information given related to what the design or then specification the Samsung Gaming smartphone will have. It is quite obvious that the smartphone will be powered by the latest tech. It is expected to come with the most awaited Snapdragon 850 processor, 8GB RAM and dual camera.

We are not sure by when this can happen, but we are quite sure that we could see some leaks on the new Samsung X gaming smartphone. If this is happening anytime soon, then we could imagine how the the future smartphone can become.

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