Samsung’s Next Flagship Galaxy S7 Will Have 3D Touch Technology – Report Says

3D Touch Technology Samsung Galaxy S7
Image Source: androidpit

I am too impressed with the 3D touch technology. It gives you a lot of room to access your content easily on your smartphone. We first saw this in Apple iPhone 6 and now, according to the recent report it has been confirmed that Samsung’s next flagship model that is Samsung GALAXY S7 will have 3D Touch technology. If this is true, then there are probabilities that the upcoming Android devices might come with the same technology.

This is was first reported on WSJ that Samsung is working on sensitive display and high speed charging. And today it was reported in a chinese magazine. This might be a threat to Apple, but we are sure that it won’t affect their sales for sure. We have also got to know that Apple will enhance a lot of features in their upcoming iPhone 7 series.

This also ensures that, we might get the 3D touch technology in the upcoming smartphones.


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