The most important things to know about Aviator games


Launched in 2019, the aviator game is an interesting online casino game that has taken the gambling market by storm. This luck-based virtual game was created by Scribe Gaming and its concept is simple for every player to understand. As a result, its popularity is evident through hundreds of leading betting companies that have added the aviator game to their portfolio. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the most important things that casino players need to know before playing aviator games. That includes everything from how to play the aviator game to the best casino site to enjoy the game. 

How to play the Aviator game

The aviator game features a simple concept that involves betting on how high a virtual plane will go before it flies away. At the start of each round, the player places one or two bets and the plane takes off from the screen. 

As the virtual plane flies, the game will display a multiplier on your screen to determine your winnings. The higher the virtual plane goes the more the multiplier value increases. That increases your potential winnings. However, you must cash out the bet before the plane disappears from your screen. 

What’s the best aviator game betting site? 

While there are hundreds of betting sites that feature the aviator game, Betway is the most popular option based on the number of countries it operates. Betway features a responsive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for players to access the aviator game and place their bets within minutes. 

Key features of the Aviator game

To successfully play the aviator game and have fun, you need to understand some of its key features, including: 

  • In-game chat

The aviator game allows the players to replicate the social excitement of real-life casinos. With the in-game chat section, you can interact with other players on the platform. That enhances the overall game excitement, as you can discuss betting strategies with other gamers and place wagers together in real time. 

  • Auto cash out

The auto cash-out tool helps you cash out your wagers without doing it manually. You simply choose the multiplier that you’re targeting to cash out and the game automatically pays your bet when it reaches your targeted multiplier. 

  • Live bets

The live bets section displays the bets from other players and the amounts that they have won in the current round. You can use this information to improve your betting strategy while playing the aviator game. 

Winning aviator game tips to help you win

  • Start betting on the aviator game with low stakes and increase your bet sizes gradually as you get more experienced. 
  • Keep track of your wins or losses to help you adjust your betting strategies accordingly. 
  • Ensure you go through the rules of the aviator game before you start betting to boost your chances of winning. 
  • Observe the in-game chats to understand how other punters place their wagers like in a real casino. 
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