The New Apple Watch Series 6 Review



With Apple releasing their new Apple Watch Series 6 just over a couple of weeks ago at their annual September event, they have always been the pack leader when it comes to releasing smartwatches but this year they seem to have stamped their authority on the market; today we access their latest smartwatch release.

The main feature in which Apple has been pushing for a couple of years now is that of their Health app, and this year they have released a blood oxygen monitor which is another string to their Health app bow. It’s an interesting feature in which ensures your oxygen levels in your blood are at the right levels – strictly speaking, as long as they are over 95% you are safe. The only limitation we have found to this feature is that there aren’t any alerts set up with this if it drops below a certain level, maybe something that Apple will look at in the future?

Another impressive feature of the Apple Watch Series 6 is that its display is unchallenged amongst its competitors. Apple brings the only OLED technology on the market to their latest Apple Watch release and one that is seriously impressive – the OLED technology within the watch enables the incredible contrasts between blacks and whites and ensures that the display on the Series 6 is really striking.

Due to these advances in technology made by Apple, other industries have followed suit and are now benefitted from the improved tech such as online casinos and this list from TBC. They have mainly benefited due to the development in their apps and people being able to gamble on the go.

Although, the only downside in which we can think for this watch would be that of the battery life, and we do think this is down to the OLED screen that Apple brings. The Apple Watch has always had the worst battery life out of the smartwatch industry due to its more advanced features, but we still believe it can be improved. The Apple Watch will easily last the full day but it will require being charged every night which can be tedious for some consumers.

The final part of the Apple Watch in which we thought would have been upgraded with the Apple Watch Series 6 is that of the design which is virtually identical to that of Series 1 so not much has changed since 2013. Although the design is sleek, it is now 7 years old and we’d have thought Apple would have developed on this since. You can customize your apple watch by purchasing a different colored watchband to give it a new look though.

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