Top Fertility Treatment Clinics in South Africa

Top Fertility Treatment Clinics in South Africa
Top Fertility Treatment Clinics in South Africa

Becoming a new parent can be a stressful journey. The financial, medical, and emotional challenges involved in making this crucial step in your relationship and in your life can be a huge burden. below in this article, we will cover the Top Fertility Treatment Clinics in South Africa.

To add to the stress, about 17% of people will have difficulty conceiving a child when they start out. This is why specialized professionals at fertility treatment clinics are becoming increasingly renowned for releasing you from this burden.

To get the proper medical and financial assistance to undertake the huge responsibilities of parenthood successfully, fertility treatment is becoming a necessary medical resource, particularly in thriving cultural centers like those that line the cities of South Africa.

Here are a few of the best choices for fertility treatment in South Africa.

Wijnland Fertility

Begun modestly by the Van Waart family in their treatment clinic in 1993, the Wijnland fertility clinic is now world-recognized for its professional staff and internationally competitive fertilization success rates.

Their use of state-of-the-art technology like the Embryoscope has allowed their talented staff to optimize their procedures and maximize their success rate.

They make the important acknowledgment that problems of infertility stem as much from psychological and social factors as biological ones. This is why they integrate psychosocial medical practices with time-honored medicine. They treat the patient first, physically and emotionally, before and during the difficult procedures involved with fertilization.

For a balance of leading laboratory technologies with a welcoming environment that responds to the patients’ emotional needs as much as their physical ones, Wijnland Fertility is among the best options in South Africa.

MEDFEM Fertility Clinic

Wholeheartedly endorsed by the Southern African Society for Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endoscopy (SASREG), MEDFEM Fertility Clinic boasts its unilateral availability and commitment to the joy of starting a family.

Offering both advanced technological solutions to infertility as well as counseling for the emotional trials of going on this journey, MEDFEM prides itself on being focused completely on the patient.

One of their specialists is Dr. Schouwenburg, who was instrumental in performing the very first IVF treatment in South Africa way back in 1983. He and the rest of the team at MEDFEM perform over 1,000 IVF treatments per year and have brought over 15,000 babies into the world so far.

Aevitas Fertility Clinic

Aevitas is a pioneering treatment facility in South Africa, which boasts many “firsts” in the fields of fertility treatment and the related breakthrough sciences, including South Africa’s first test-tube baby, ICSI baby, and embryonic laser treatment.

Aevitas means “time of life” and has upheld to serve that life for its 30 years of operation and to its thousands of successful couples.

A regular contributor to the World International Report of the Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), Aevitas is a leader in international fertility services and technologies as well as a trusted staple of Cape Town, South Africa.

They pride themselves on being open to international prospective parents of all gender classifications. Their goal is simply to help you make your dream of having a family a reality.

Vitalab Fertility Clinic

The Vitalab Fertility Clinic has been helping couples create their new families in the Johannesburg area since 1984. They recruit specialists certified by the South African Medical Council and boast a collective experience of over a century among their talented staff. 

The ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories certification is given by the International Organization for Standardization’s technical committee as an international acknowledgment of an organization’s competence and quality of service, which includes not only the advice of its professionals and education of its staff but also the quality of the results of its labs.

The Vitalab Fertility Clinic was the first medical laboratory in South Africa to receive this accreditation. This should serve as evidence for their long-term commitment to fertility science and medical excellence in the fields of emerging fertility technology, patient psychology, and medical services.

The Takeaway

All these clinics are SASREG-accredited and internationally recognized. Many have become world-renowned for medical industry “firsts” such as procedures and technology designed to elevate the study and practice of fertility treatment in South Africa and around the world.

Their experienced personnel and advanced facilities that make use of all the latest advances in modern fertility treatment technology make these clinics the top choices for those hoping to become new parents in and around South Africa.

Contact them to find out how to become eligible and what procedures are right for you so that you can get on the road to becoming a new parent today.

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