Facebook Now Allows Users To Switch Between Multiple Accounts On PC !


Facebook has been reportedly trying to improve their UI on both of their PC & Mobile App platforms. Recently they have added Account Switching on their PC platform or I may say while using Facebook in a PC Browser. This option is located between on the top menu between Profile & Home. To explain the whole thing, here is an example…


Facebook Now Allows Users To Switch Between Multiple Accounts On PC


So, basically users can now add multiple accounts in the same browser & whenever they need they can switch between those accounts. However, switching between accounts will automatically log out and only then the other account must be logged in. So, users cannot keep Multiple Accounts logged in like what can be done for Google Accounts. So, we don’t know actually how many people will find it useful right now.

So, maybe it have been better if users can be logged in multiple accounts at the same time. But, sadly it can’t be done right now. However the good thing is Facebook is actually trying to provide a better user experience afterall by implementing some new features like this. So, we are expecting certain changes in the Facebook UI for both Desktop & Mobile App in the upcoming weeks.

  1. Steven H. says

    Stupid ass icon doesn’t show up at the top of the page, where the F is it!

    1. geeksnipper says

      Hey Steven,

      This is not yet out for all users… This still under testing phase. . . . . . . .

      1. Steven H. says

        Right, I had it on both my PC and Ipad, when I shut the down it was gone.

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