Unlimited gamez Mo – An honest opinion on the dock


The gaming arena is quickly reshaping itself – and smartphones are responsible. Sony smartphone, Microsoft, and EA are offering downloadable games, on-demand streaming, and subscription services. But others like Unlimited Gamez Mo are also making entry and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Unlimited Gamez is relatively new, but that’s one of its strong points. It aims to make a strong foothold in the industry and promises to excel beyond expectations.

How can I access the games?

For residents of Australia, the services are available through Unlimited Gamez Australia Pty Ltd. But gamers around the world can access it from app stores, MSPs, and the UnlimitedGamez.com website.

How can I subscribe?

Unlimited Gamez Mo made sure no one would get confused. Here are the 4 steps as seen on their website:

Go to unlimitedgamez.com on your mobile browser

Go to the Menu (…)

Go to Subscription

Click I want to Subscribe

Couldn’t be any simpler, right?

Why should I try it?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Uninterrupted gameplay

Though the company does charge a subscription fee, you have the opportunity to play on your mobile phone, uninterrupted- no popups or IAPs. Play from anywhere, on any device, from any location.

  • The one-time upfront subscription fee

Once subscribed, you can play unlimited games at no additional hidden cost.

  • Match your budget

The best news is that they have several different packages- affordable weekly and monthly rates that will match your budget. For hardcore gamers, Unlimited Gamez Mo offers yearly subscriptions.

  • Massive collection of games

There’s a whole library to choose from. You’ll never be bored again. And if you think you will get tired of the same collection, you’re wrong. Unlimited Gamez offers new ones every week.

What kind of games can I play?

Your options are – as the name suggests- ‘unlimited’. There is something for everyone. Each category opens up to numerous games. I’ll leave an element of surprise here so that you can be tempted to visit the website and search for something that strikes your fancy. I’m betting you’ll have a hard time choosing- there are so many to pick from.

How much will I have to pay?

This is the question that most are worried about.  The truth be told, the company does not offer a complete listing on its website. The cost of subscription varies from place to place. While an Australian gamer using Optus and Telstra can enjoy services for 3.99 AUD/week, users around the world would need to verify the charges with their MSP. For the US, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, and Boost are carriers that you should contact. Since data charges are billed separately, obtain current rates from the carriers.

Should I subscribe?

As with anything in real life, there are always two sides to a story. There are multiple advantages of subscribing to this service. But it’s typical for first-timers to be hesitant to take the leap of faith. So let’s be honest here. There is the unparalleled experience of submerging yourself in the uninterrupted gameplay. In fact, that is what customers are striving for. No frustrated sighs as you wait for an ad to finish. And the variety of games is enough to challenge even the most bored person!

But having said that, it’s only fair that you are clear about what you’re signing up for. Even though there is no precise subscription fee quoted online, I can vouch that this is not so much of a problem. Recently, I went on ahead and pressed the ‘I want to Subscribe’ CTA, and found a list of all the local mobile phone companies that are providing this service. I was even able to go as far as to obtain the weekly subscription rates offered in my country. The only thing that you will need to clarify is the data rates that the carriers will charge.

On a side note, for those who are satisfied with a couple of games, you may not need to avail the subscription. Downloading a game to pass the time is adequate and cheaper in the long run.

Final thoughts

If you ask me, there is no harm in trying a little bit of fun and adventure every now and then. Try it – for at least a week.

What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t enjoy your trial period, simply unsubscribe. No harm is done.

And yes, unsubscribing is as effortless as subscribing. Unsubscribe anytime by clicking on SMS unsubscription link on your mobile phone.

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