Vivo X20 Completely Exposed In Several Leaks – Shows Dual Cameras And A Big Screen


We’re just getting ready for the Vivo V7+ that coming out in a few hours from now. But, that’s not the only big screen phone Vivo is aiming to produce. There’s another one called the Vivo X20 & it has been completely exposed in several leaks. So, let’s go over the major leaks that just came out in the wild. After the leaks are over I’ll give you guys some info on this device that I was able to figure out from them.

First one looks like a specification kinda promotional render,

Vivo X20 Completely Exposed In Several Leaks


Second one or ones are literally real life photos of the device,

Vivo X20 Completely Exposed In Several Leaks

Vivo X20 Completely Exposed In Several Leaks


And to confirm these renders the Third one here, is a 10 second Hands On video,


Now with so many leaks at the same time, what have we actually figured out from these ? Well, actually quite a lot. So, let’s make a summery.

  1. The screen aspect ratio may be 18 : 9 and the reason why I used the word “may” is because the shape of the screen actually resembles a regular 16 : 9 one. So, it’s not impossible that it’s a 16 :9 screen packed into a shrinked body. But, looking at the current trend, 18 : 9 holds a higher possibility.
  2. There are dual cameras on the back with a Regular & possibly a Wide-angle shooter.
  3. There is just a single Front Facing Camera so, this is probably not another selfie focused device.
  4. The phone looks more than 6 inches tall.
  5. The back resembles the iPhone 7 Plus again. The only exception being the rear mounted Fingerprint Scanner.
  6. The number 2400 in the promotional render may indicate to 24 Megapixel Sensor on both Rear & Front. Or it maybe a part of the sensor name that is used in both the Cameras. We, can’t actually figure out what it is.

So, do you think that Vivo will do something great with their X20 smartphone ? Or it’ll be another gimmick like some of their phones that are only good at clicking selfies ? Let us know in the comments section below.


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