The Note 8 Facial Recognition Is Still Stupidly Unsecured


Samsung introduced the Facial Recognition or Face Unlocking feature long back with the S8 as an exiting security feature. But wait, would you call a functionality, a security feature if that provides almost zero security ? Definitely not.

The Note 8 Facial Recognition Is Still Stupidly Unsecured

Now, the Facial Recognition on the S8 was pretty terrible & could be simply tricked with a picture of you. So, if your friends want to unlock the device, they simply need to hold your photo in-front of your device. So, this feature became a useless one & most of the users never used it.

We thought, that this feature will be much improved with the Note 8. But, honestly it doesn’t seem Samsung even tried to do any improvements to this feature. A recent Youtube Video shows how easily that Facial Recognition on the Note 8 can be tricked with a photo of it’s owner.

But, why is this feature still so much useless ? Well, the possible answer to it must be the Type of facial recognition Samsung is using. This is 2D  Facial Recognition without any kind of mystery. So, whenever it is identifying a 2D image of the user, it unlocks the device. I guess using some AI may have helped here but, looks like it’s just a raw Feature that doesn’t come with any kind intelligence or anything like that.

So, is there any solution ? Well, just avoid it & use the Fingerprint Sensor to unlock your device. However, as Apple is coming with more secure 3D facial recognition with the iPhone 8, we think Samsung will also push this technology in the Galaxy S9 & Note 9 devices. But for now, it’s just a pure mess & if you own an S8/S8+ or Note 8, you should probably avoid the Face Unlock feature.


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