What’s The New HTC Idea: HTC Sends the Invitation For The MWC 2015


Just received one of the mails from HTC with an invitation for the MWC 2015. The invitation has nothing mentioned, but have just written “Utopia In Progress.” This makes us into thoughts about what exactly are they trying come up with? What is the new idea in the program? With many such questions revolving around the head.

HTC Invitation  MWC 2015
HTC Invitation For MWC 2015

We were expecting that the new device to see this MWC might be the HTC 809D, but again they have given no clue on what exactly the idea is all about, but left us with just curiosity. We were trying to predict on what exactly will the new device be, and having a close look at the invitation, we figured number “8” and so we though that they will be releasing the updated and advanced version of the HTC M8.

There is nothing that we can predict or rumor about the upcoming product in MWC 2015 by HTC, but will have to wait until it is launched.


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