ASUS Zenbook Flip UX360CA Review – Best In Battery Decent In Performance


ASUS has delivered some amazing product lineup in 2016-17 out of which Zenbook 3 has really got some attention. The ASUS’s Zenbook series altogether is a masterpiece in terms of design and power. The same goes with the Zenbook Flip UX360CA. As the name suggested the notebook is a flip book that can flip to 360 degree. This notebook comes with an amazing display and battery.


  • Best Battery
  • Host of connectivity Options
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with SSD


Reflective display

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Built Quality: 6.5/10


The built quality of the UX360CA is quite impressive. It comes in an aluminium body, whereas the hinge is made up of plastic, which I wonder why. Built with Aluminium body the laptop is light & unlike others it does not heat up while charging or during heavy use.

The laptop comes with a host of connectivity option. For those who want the best specification with more connectivity option, then they can go with the UX36CA.

Connectivity Options:

On The Left

ASUS UX360CA Review

  1. Power button
  2. Volume Controller
  3. SD card slot
  4. USB 3.0 port

On the Right:

ASUS UX360CA review

  1. 3.5mm combo jack
  2. Micro HDMI
  3. USB Type C
  4. USB 3.0
  5. DC power input.

Display & Touch: 8/10

The Zenbook Flip UX360CA comes with a 13.3-inch touchscreen display, which when flipped turns to tablet mode. The display is a 1080P FHD display and has a much better viewing angle as compared to their competitor.  The ISP display gives you rich color and better contrast. The touch on this display is quite responsive and gives you an accurate result.

UX360CA Touch Review

One of the downfall with the display is that when on light it becomes to reflective, which becomes a major issue while operating in the light. I have faced the same issue with their competitors. So, everytime i come on bright light area, I have to reduce the brightness to 30%.

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On the normal lightings the display look s quite decent. When the display setting are on auto, i have spotted that the responsiveness  improves.

The interesting part of the UX360CA touchscreen is that it has 10 fingers touch recognition the one think that all touch screen laptops don’t give.

Performance: 7/10

This 13.3 inch laptop comes with an Intel Corel m5 processor supported with an 8GB of RAM & a 512GB SSD , you also have an optional Core m3 with a 128GB SSD.

You can’t expect a mainstream laptop to perform like a gaming machine. With the ASUS UX360CA you can easy manage to operate your mails, web browsing, MS office, and other softwares with an easy. While testing with multiple windows open, the laptop ten to work slow, which seems obvious for a mainstream laptop. Unlike the Zenbook 3, the performance of this laptop is lower.

I had also notice that the laptop worked really slow when used initially, but once after uninstalling software like ASUS Giftbox and Avast it worked completely fine. So i would suggest you to uninstall unwanted software that comes bundled with this laptop.

Battery: 8.5/10

I will say that the UX360CA is king in term of battery performance. This laptop can run constantly for 7 hours will all heavy useage. Till now this is one of the best battery performing laptop that you can find. It takes around 1 hours to fully charge the laptop, but can run for 7 hours in a stretch.


The UX360 CA is the laptop for those who need a host of connectivity option, but with better battery performance. The display on this laptop is decent, but not that great when it comes under light. Overall the laptop is worth the pricetag.

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