WhatsApp Taking A huge Step By Integrating Payment Option In Contract With Paytm In India



WhataApp has grown in more than 109 counties with major population in India. This online chatting platform is growing huge in India, hence WhatsApp in Contract with Paytm are working closely to introduce payment option in WhatsApp Wallet in India.

This collaboration will give an access to more billions of users in India. This is nothing but a WhatsApp wallet that people will get use to in coming future. This wallet is called as Paywall.

Looking forward to this, we could expect to see PayPal could play the game in other countries. Overall it seems a great help for people running any business, as WhatsApp has become one of the major source to business for a day-to-day follow-up with clients.

This new feature will be live in India by December mid, but date are yet to be confirmed.



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