Why You Should Try Free Online Games


Let’s face it – free things are always great. That’s why we look forward to Cyber Monday sales, Steam sales, and other kinds of discounts and offerings from various stores, publishers, and developers. After all, the closer we get to getting a game for free, the better! Thing is, it can be exhausting waiting for these games to be on sale. And worse, we may end up not even trying them in the first place! below in this article, we will cover the Why You Should Try Free Online Games.

That’s where free online games come in.

After all, free online games seem to have all the best traits games in the market can offer. They’re online, meaning you can most likely find something to play anytime, anywhere. And they’re free! Thing is, are they really worth the playing? Turns out, they just might be.

Why You Should Try Free Online Games
Why You Should Try Free Online Games

1. Free is a blessing we shouldn’t brush off.

Let’s start with the most basic reason of all – it’s free! Mainstream games in platforms today normally cost USD 60 for full releases, with around USD 30 more for DLCs (a generous price estimate). This means you’d likely have to spend more than USD 100 for an extremely complete game – and more if you’re playing on a subscription model. If you’re just looking for the thrill of playing a game, free online games are definitely worth your while. Not only are they cheap, but you’re exactly getting the temporary satisfaction of playing a game without risking your savings.

    • Almost all triple-A games and high-quality games cost around USD 60, which isn’t really something easy to acquire. Thankfully, a lot of developers understand this predicament and have gone out of their way to create free online games for casuals to experience. If you’re not ready to spend USD 60 for a game that provides a few 100 hours’ worth of experience, then you should play free online games first.
    • It’s also interesting to check what a lot of free online games have to offer given this price limitation. This is especially the case for free MMORPGs that require extensive budgets for the sake of their servers and other freemium content. If you’re looking for something to observe and analyze, then maybe this one might be up your alley. 
Free is a blessing we shouldn't brush off
Free is a blessing we shouldn’t brush off

2. Check the progress of open source software and applications for making games.

If you’re into the more technical sure of gaming, you can actually try out free online games to see what sorts of available tech are at the disposal of indie developers now. This gives you a basic gist of what “basic standards” would look like for a game, which is helpful if you’re the sort to really want to look into what a game offers first before buying them. This can also serve as a challenge on your part to actually test the limits of these game engines and software, which in itself can become an experience that’s worth the while.

    • Regardless if you’re an aspiring dev or a curious gamer, playing free online games – be it car games or multiplayer games – can be a good way for you to know whether certain game tools or game engines can actually support heavier-duty gameplay. If a free game can use a particular game engine to create stellar  graphics, then bigger producers and publishers should be able to do the same.
    • If you’re an aspiring game maker, you can use what you’ve found in free online games as a reference to what sorts of software you can use and what strategies you can implement to create free online games of your own. This is a good way to analyze how other professionals do games, and how amateur creators tackle the challenge as well. 
Check the progress of open source software and applications for making games
Check the progress of open source software and applications for making games

3. Find rare gems in a treasure hunt.

Another thing you can do while playing free online games is to actually find hidden “gems” in this unique market. One of the most exhausting things you can encounter with free online games is the sheer number of websites offering and hosting free online games. And it’s really up to you to check these sites and find those that actually house quality free online games that’s worth the while. This might seem like a mellow reason, but others consider this a treasure hunt that can improve their research skills. This is extremely useful if you’re bored or a dedicated gamer who has time to spare finding games.

    • You can treat this like a treasure hunt, where the goal is to find a reliable provider of free online games with quality. You can look for free multiplayer games, free casual games, or free games of a genre of your choice. The goal here is to find a website with users and creators that make quality and fun experiences for you to enjoy.
    • This is a good way to also more or less identify your “tastes” with regards to free online games. It’s one thing to be entertained by a game, but another to actually go out of your way to find a free game you’ll be playing for a long time.
Find rare gems in a treasure hunt
Find rare gems in a treasure hunt

4. Support independent and local talent in your area.

A lot of game devs and creators release games for free because they don’t normally have the budget to transform these experiences into things worth paying for. While this means free games aren’t necessarily of high quality, they do remain a testament of the kind of talent and skill up and coming developers and creators have. If you want to support a friend you know that makes games, or if you want to support a person you know who wants to make it in the gaming industry, you should give their games a shot.

    • A great reason to try and play free online games is that you’ll be helping local game devs – or even your game dev friends – to learn and grow in their craft. Your contribution, as in just playing the game, can help them get inspired and even be motivated to do better.
    • This is a great way to give feedback to local games and their creations. Playing free online games they make allows them to see what sort of games appeal to players. And if you give them feedback, they may be able to use that to improve their overall offerings for gamers.

The Age of Free to Play: Enjoy These While They Last

It’s always fun to play games, especially if you get to play awesome games for free. Most of the time, we get opportunities to play these games without costs via gaming subscriptions or even gifts from our loved ones. However, the fact that we can actually play free online games that we can compare to existing franchises is actually extremely shocking. And sometimes, it actually just takes a simple and casual online game to help you feel calmer and more satisfied after a tiring day’s work.

Hopefully, the above points have convinced you to give more free online games a shot. After all, you’re not exactly giving up on paid material entirely – you’ll just be making sure that you spend your money’s worth in both time and quality of product.

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