Winter Gloves vs Standard – How Do They Differ?


First things first, the terms “winter gloves” and “standard” are definitely up for interpretation. So, to define what we mean, standard gloves are often made from cotton, are usually pretty cheap and commonly found. These work for relatively mild cold weather. Winter gloves are far more insulating as they are specially designed for extreme temperatures. So, here we are going to further delve into the main differences and why winter gloves should be something you consider if you are often in the cold.

Warmth and Material

Harsh winter conditions need the right gear to protect you from frostbite and discomfort. That’s where winter gloves come in. They can be made with multiple different materials to ensure you get the most out of them – canvas, fleece, lycra, velcro, and so on. It all depends on what you’re using your gloves for, as there are different versions available. For example, you have snow gloves or mountain biking styles to choose from. These are delicately crafted to serve specific purposes. On the other hand (pun intended), typical cotton gloves you can find in most clothes shops are okay for keeping you warm to an extent, but they are not expertly designed. They are there just to protect you from cold, but are nowhere near as effective as winter gloves when it comes to extremely chilly conditions. 

Superior Grip

As we mentioned, winter gloves are often created specifically for different sports. So, they often have superior grip due to this, as it’s important for you to be able to have this if you’re mountain climbing in the snow, for example. This is something that most standard gloves would not be able to provide you with, as many of them have no grip installed. 


Most sturdy winter gloves are waterproof, as they need to be when battling the elements. If you’re wearing 100% cotton gloves and your hands get wet then you’re in trouble. Not only does cotton absorb water, but it can take a long time to dry when you’re wearing it. This is not going to do you any favors when in a cold environment. 


Generally speaking, the quality of winter gloves is superior to cheaper, simpler types of gloves. Although the pricing reflects this, you are getting your money’s worth if you are often in sub zero weather conditions. It’s vital that you always have the right equipment and clothing with you in the cold, as if you don’t, you could be susceptible to injury or illness. It’s always worth making the investment with high quality pieces that are going to last you, as well as get plenty of wear. Plus, another great feature of a lot of advanced winter gloves is touchscreen technology – this can come in very handy if you need to contact anyone in a hurry whilst out in the wilderness. 

To conclude, if you are very outdoorsy, even when it’s snowy, then winter gloves could be an important piece of kit that you should invest in. Sometimes your standard pair really just don’t do all that you need them to.

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