Xiaomi Mi 7 Leaks & Will Support Wireless Charging


Xiaomi Mi 7

Here we are with another news on the Xiaomi. Today Xiaomi’s new smartphone the Xiaomi Mi 7 got leaked with blue color, dual camera & a wireless charging technology. We know that, the wireless charging was there since the 2013, which was started by Samsung on their Galaxy S5 device & since then it has become trend. But, this new device is Xiaomi’s first smartphone to support wireless charging.

The Mi 7 will come with a 5V 2A adapter & along with another smartphone by that has bigger 9V 2A adapter for wireless charging. With this, it’s clear that they will be having 2 smartphone to support the Wireless charging. The name for the 2nd device is yet to be confirmed, but we are expecting it to be the higher version of the Xiaomi Mi 7 (mostly a Xiaomi Mi 7+).

Recently all the smartphones are coming is an 18:9 display, but this does not look like that. It looks like a 5.5-inch FHD display. What’s common is the dual camera on the back, which give me a feeling of the Zenfone 4 series. Along with that it has an fingerprint scanner placed at the traditional home button. This device is expected with the Snapdragon 660 or higher processor & with 6GB RAM.

The Xiaomi Mi 7 does not looks like a flagship device, but has a very decent look, which consider it to come under a mid-ranged category smartphone.


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