Xiaomi watch Exposed – Xiaomi’s Attempt To Replicate Apple Watch


Xiaomi Watch

Apple has become a benchmark in terms of design. I am not talking about my personal advice, but we all admit that Apple devices do look attractive. Therefore, a lot of brands try to compete with them. In fact, Xiaomi has been a brand that replicated the Android Version of iPhone to the people at cheaper rates. Xiaomi Watch is one of the hot topics now.

In the upcoming conference, they are going to release their Xiaomi Watch. But, before the release, we have spotted the  Watch on the latest leak. To be frank, this  Watch does look like an Apple Watch to me.

Xiaomi Watch Image 2

According to the Xiaomi Watch leak image, this smartwatch has the same belt pattern as the Apple Wach and similar dial too. Even the scroller has the exact same pattern as the Apple Watch.

For those who want a Smartphone that looks as expensive as the Apple Watch, then this Xiaomi Watch does look like an Android version of Apple Watch.

The only confirmation about the watch is that it has a wearOS and supports a Snapdragon Processor. The price for the Smartwatch is not yet exposed, but we do believe that it will be a budget-friendly SmartWatch.

Details about Xiaomi Watch will be out on Nov 5, 2019. On the same day, Xiaomi will also launch CC9 Pro and Xiaomi TV 5. If there are any other devices, then we will get to know about it during the event.

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