Xperia Ear Open – A Smart Headset Concept By Sony


Everyone is inventing in improving new & smarter technology & hence is Sony. Recently Sony has evolved with a very new concept headset called Xperia Ear Open Concept. This Xperia Ear Open is the future technology that will help you to do more than just music & phone calls.

This concept headset is meant to do things that were only seen in Science-Fiction movies. This concept headset has an open design, where it’s purpose is to let you listen to the music along with what’s happening in the environment around you. I still wonder the possibility. Sony is currently testing the microphone at Doppler Labs.

What’s smart in this headset will be, that the headset will automatically adjust the volume depending on the your surrounding. Sony says that the headset will automatically increase the volume at the noise environment, where as calms the volume down when you are in silent zone.

What’s more in this concept headset is language translation. Sony claim that the headset will help you to translate the language in real-time. If this is possible, then visiting any county won’t face any language barrier.

Sony also talks about about adding gyroscope type sensor in the headset that will help to give multiple gesture. With this the headset can manage your motion and set the sound accordingly. At the same time, it will also improve the navigation stimulation in the headset. With this, I also believe that the headset can have multiple gesture commands. For example: Double tap the headset to make a call, single tap the headset for music & swipe on the headset to cut the call (just an assumption).

Overall, this is a great innovation on the audio world in year 2017. But this just being a prototype there might be a lot of glitches to be seen while the development process. What do you think about this new innovation in the headset industry.

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