Samsung Galaxy A7 Price And Release Date Unveiled

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Price And Release Date Unveiled
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First we came across Samsung Galaxy A7 Specification leak and then we came across the first impression and now they have announced the release date and price for the Samsung Galaxy A7. According to the previous leak this smartphone has the exact same specification that we had mention.


Now we came across this update on the shipment of the Galaxy Alpha 7 to Malaysia. The source informs that the Samsung Galaxy A7 will be launched in mid of February 2015 (between 9-15) in Malaysia with a price tag of € 430.

In addition to the previous specification leaked, this smartphone will be supporting the standard 4G/LTE and with a better battery life of 2600mAh. This will be coming with the strongest Gorilla Glass 4, which is just 0.4mm thick; as was confirmed earlier.

We will soon come up with the Galaxy A7 Review, as soon as we get it. If you have anything else to ask, post a comment we will get back to you.

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