4 Romantic Destinations That Will Rekindle the Heart’s Desire

4 Romantic Destinations That Will Rekindle the Heart's Desire
4 Romantic Destinations That Will Rekindle the Heart’s Desire

The honeymoon period of every relationship is pretty much perfect. No disagreements, no insecurities – just total bliss with lots of fun, discovery, laughter and romance. This phase can last anywhere from six months to two years but, like all good things in life, it must come to an end! Stress can spill into a relationship in many ways, affecting a couple’s ability to effectively communicate and connect emotionally. If that sounds all too familiar and you’re looking to rekindle the honeymoon period in your relationship, going on vacation is the perfect solution. Whether you have savings or you plan to take out a personal loan to secure the funds to plan the vacation of a lifetime, the following are 4 Romantic Destinations That Will Rekindle the Heart’s Desire with love.

Mendocino, California

Nestled along the cliffs of Pacific coastline, Mendocino is a picture postcard village where love is in the air, with the convenience of not having to travel abroad. Its low-profile wood buildings house quirky shops and restaurants and its B&Bs are perfect settings for taking in the magical views and celebrating love with a luxurious room. As you walk hand in hand along the cliffs you’ll be swept away by the majesty of the ocean and scenery. Stop in one of the open-air restaurants and order a bottle of red to share as you sit back and take it all in. Sounds pretty perfect, right? 

Maui, Hawaii

The island of Maui is the perfect place for love. Its beautiful beaches and swaying palms will mesmerize you as you feel the warmth of the sun and the sweet caress of the tropical breeze dancing on your skin. There are special places everywhere in Maui. You can take a secret hike through a bamboo forest to a beautiful hidden pond with waterfalls or walk the edge of a cinder cone and come to a deserted red sand beach. Everything is extraordinary and moments for affection are around every corner. 

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Gualala, California

As you drive up the winding Pacific coastline to reach Gualala, you’ll be stunned by the beautiful vistas. Gualala is a tiny gem on the coast that offers the most romantic settings and lodging. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful ocean view suites and amazing restaurants. During the day you can explore deserted beaches or go north to Point Arena and see the beautiful lighthouse there. In the evening, light some candles and relax in a Jacuzzi together as you listen to the ocean’s sweet lullaby. 

Sonoma and Napa Valley, California

If you would like to celebrate your love with world class dining amidst the vineyards and grapevines, a visit to Sonoma or the Napa Valley region is the perfect place. There are picturesque romantic inns with soaking tubs and five-star hotels where you can be nestled in luxury. For a perfect dreamy day, pack a gourmet picnic and sample stunning wines as you tour the beautiful wineries amidst rolling hills. Sonoma Square is a perfect place for romance and you can also visit Calistoga’s mineral springs and enjoy a relaxing couple’s massage. Whether you love to drink wine or not, this is one vacation destination that is sure to tick all boxes when it comes to romantic getaways. 

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