5 Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots

Nowadays, the essence of romance in games is not only about rescuing princesses from castles. It is a wonderful world of relationships between people which gives you the opportunity to care about two characters, want them to be together, and spend with each other at least a second longer. We’d like to suggest you set off for the world of video games – there are more cute courting couples than you could imagine. So, we present to you a 5 best video games with romantic plots.

Singles - Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots
Singles – Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots

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The Sims

Release date: 2000-2014

Genre: Life Simulator

This is the first simulated life game in its genre. In this project, a gamer has to manage the sims – virtual people who go to work, look for new acquaintances, and live quite an ordinary human life during which they must find their destination. A pleasant feature of this game is that you can create your own unique characters since the game has a rich editor, especially in the latest series.

The Sims – Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots

The gameplay is based on the satisfaction of all desires of the controlled character. That is, the player is looking for a job for their character, introduces them to other sims, entertains, and settles their home, involves them in romantic relationships, starts a family, and so on. All this allows the user to play the role of a god who controls the fate of people.


Release date: 2004, 2005

Genre: Romantic Simulator, Life Simulator

It is a series of games about the simulation of romantic relationships. The story tells about individual young people who can form real couples. Each character has their interests and hobbies, which makes the process of creating love relationships not so simple.

Single - Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots
Single – Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots

In the gameplay, there is a great influence of the Sims series but with a significant bias in building relationships between the characters. The characters of the game constantly interact, quarrel, or make peace with each other, love, and hate, so the player will have to try hard to create a strong relationship between them. The game is for persons over 18, as there are love scenes.

The first love

Release date: 2006

Genre: Dating Simulator

The first love is a simulator of dating and relationships with elements of the quest. In this project, the player feels like a young single girl who has come to the summer resort with her friend. They are surrounded by azure beach, high palm trees, and beautiful tanned men.

The first love - Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots

In the process of the game, you need to help the girl start her first holiday romance. For new acquaintances, you can go to the places of interest, parties, restaurants, swimming pools, and others. Each male character behaves differently and enjoys different things, so you have to do your best to win his heart.

Desperate Housewives

Release date: 2006

Genre: Life Simulator

This is a quest game based on the popular TV series “Desperate Housewives.” The plot allows you to look at the familiar characters from a different angle and fully immerse yourself in the life of a small town and its inhabitants. In the game world, you can learn more about the main characters of the series and influence the development of the whole story. The goal of the game is to interact with other characters and build relationships. Also, there is an opportunity to set up your house, make purchases, and customize your character.

Desperate Housewives - Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots
Desperate Housewives – Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots

In addition to the simulation of life, the player has to puzzle out the secrets of the inhabitants and solve several crimes. This project has collected all the best from the classic simulator, quest, and detective story. Depending on your actions, the game has several finals: where the main character can die or, on the contrary, get married and live long and happy.

Second life

Release date: 2003

Genre: Life Simulator

Second Life is a multiplayer simulator. This is a unique project, the world of which is built by themselves. The gameplay is filled with various mini-games and themed events. Second Life is an unusual game that combines a social network, many fantastic worlds and much more. In general, players build houses, change the appearance of their characters, hold together in hobby clubs, find love, and build relationships. Here, you can start an open relationship without any obstacles. Also, you can listen to music, radio, and watch TV in the game.

Second Life - Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots
Second Life – Best Video Games with Cool Romantic Plots

The game has no specific tasks or quests, the player can do whatever he wants. For it, there are separate downloadable themed worlds. So, you can go to the world of vampires and werewolves or to the world of the early Middle Ages. Special attention is paid to the appearance of the characters and the high social component of the entire project. The game is free, but there is a fee if you want to expand your options.