BenQ ZOWIE announces Its Partnership With Dreamhack 2018 India


It seems that BenQ‘ ZOWIE is seen participating in almost every gaming event in India. This is for the obvious reasons and that is branding. According to the update, BenQ ZOWIE is going to make BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 and RL2455S to be the Offical Monitor at Dreamhack 2018 Mumbai

Dream Hack 2018 Mumbai

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Dreamhack 2018 has become huge in India and the craze for the even is unexpectable. It is really hard to believe the growth of Indian Gaming community in a few years. This event is taking place on 24th December in Mumbai. 

During our last conversation with BenQ ZOWIE spokes person India, he said a lot about the event and ZOWIE’s approach towards the gamer. He also mentioned a huge gaming event for CS: GO players coming to India soon. 

Dreamhack 2018

A huge grown is seen in Indian Gaming Industry which is unexpected to believe. It looks like we are yet to see a huge change in the Indian Gaming scenes. In the year 2019, we are going to see a lot of gaming events in India. 

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