5G Is Coming As Soon As In 2019 !


5G Is Coming As Soon As In 2019

If you were expecting the 5G Connectivity in late 2020 then there’s a good news for you. Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit is happening right now & they have announced that 5G is coming as soon as in 2019. And if we’re not assuming wrong, the Snapdragon 855 will the first Smartphone SOC to have this technology with more supported SOCs coming later in 2020.

5G is also a huge deal when it comes to technology innovation, speed & features improvements on board. It deals with faster Download Speeds & a always Connected Experience while being cheaper than 4G LTE.


5G Is Coming As Soon As In 2019

5G Is Coming As Soon As In 2019


So, 5G will arrive inĀ  2019 with the testing starting in Mid 2017. So, if you’re planning to pick a Snapdragon 855 powered smartphone in 2019 then your phone will probably be 5G compatible. However, better Carrier Support will probably make us wait till 2020 to be able to use the 5G network in person. But, at least we’re getting 5G real quick & that’s a big win for every tech enthusiast. So, Thanks Qualcomm !



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