Korea, China & Japan Will Still Have 140 Character Count


Twitter Increased It's Tweet Character Limit To 280 Characters

One of the biggest update made by Twitter is extending the character count from 140 to 280  & to be frank tweeting is more fun now. But tweeting will be same 140 character in China, Japan & Korea & they have a very strong reason on doing this.

According to twitter “In the past, users who tweeted using 140 characters were 9% in English, but 0.5% in Hangul and 0.4% in Japanese.” This indicated that Chinese, Japanese & Korean words are dense than English words. Looking at the stats, Korean people uses 0.5% from the 140 character. It is also said that these countries can have access to 280 characters if their tweets are written is English language.

Never or less, it looks like a fair decision made by twitter to keep 140 character limit to the non-English words, but when written in English the limits increases to 280.

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