Snake Rewind: Rewind To Retro Game


If you are like one of us who grew up in the early 2000s. Its more likely than not that you have at some point of time spent hours manoeuvring a pixelated snake on a black and white screen of a Nokia 3310 or similar device. SNAKE considered by some as one of the most successful mobile games of all time first made its debut in 1997 and since its inception featured on over 400 million Nokia handsets. The game attempted a 3D reboot with a similar name, however the response to the same was lukewarm at best. Primarily because players couldn’t find the same level of ingenuity and simplicity which made the 1st game a cult classic.

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Now in 2015, Taneli Armanto the brains behind the original title has teamed up with Finish independent game developers Rumilus Design to re-launch the franchise with SNAKE REWIND mobile same. The latest Press release dated 4th May 2015, highlights some of the salient features of the game and from the initial looks it seems that the creators have stuck to the tried and tested formula of staying as close to the original as possible, while incorporating some modern graphics and innovative gameplay tweaks.

Although a lot is expected from this mobile game, it remains to be seen as to how much of an impact this game is able to make on the current market. Keeping in mind the current scene is dominated by graphics intensive games like Mortal Kombat, Asphalt Racing etc. This might create a niche for itself among the older generation of gamers, or the casual lot, especially those who wish to relive some old memories. The multiplayer option is a welcome addition for those looking to compete among friends.

SNAKE REWIND Features include:


  • Rewind the snake after crashing to continue the game
  • Lots of new special fruit types, such as Fruit Magnet, Trailblazer and Score Multiplier
  • 10 levels, each with their own visuals and music, unlocked by completing fun and challenging mission.
  • Compete against friends and other players on the high score lists

Slated for a global release on 14th May, the game will be available on iOS, Android and Windows Smartphones platforms as a free download, with provision for in-app purchases.


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