AMD Navi GPUs Will Be Based On 7nm Process Technology And Will Debut In 2018


AMD’s RX Vega GPUs have just entered the market & consumers even haven’t got their hands on it yet. But, that’s not a technology AMD is limiting you to for maybe 2-3 years. We already got a report on AMD Navi that will be based on 7nm Process Technology and will blow the performance of RX Vega away and these will come to life in 2018.


AMD Navi GPUs Will Be Based On 7nm Process Technology And Will Debut In 2018


The Navi series will include a bunch of functionalities to improve both DUV & AI technologies. So, these GPUs will be capable of some decent self learning abilities as well. If this sounds familiar, thats because the Ryzen SenseMI technology is pretty similar. As it’s coming a year later, we are expecting an improved AI engine over the current gen Ryzen. Specially, improvements over the Nural Network segment will be a welcome change .

Also, Navi may also lower the heat output & bring significant performance improvements, lowering the amount of Thermal Throttling & also Consume less power.

Now, just like RX Vega, don’t expect Navi to come at a lower price point. These GPUs will be expensive as they’re not made for Low & Mid-end Consumers anyway. People doing super professional graphics work may get benefited from Navi.

For Gamers tough, it’s tough to say how much difference Navi will make. Games will be much better on this no doubt but, our main concern is about price to performance ratio. Despite of these facts, we are exited for Navi anyway !


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