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AppLock not to be confused with “App Lock”, “App Locker” and other apps with similar names, is the original utility software that has over 100 million users world-wide and is considered one of the most essential apps to have on your Android device.

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Users are well aware that more often than not their smartphones contain confidential photos, videos, apps and documents that they’d like to keep private. Especially in situations when you give your phone to someone to use. Accidental deletion of such files or apps is also a possibility. AppLock is an app designed specifically for these situations. It helps users protect their smart devices by locking off apps and other features by a universal master PIN or pattern. Apart from this the app also supports themes and customizations, photo and video vaults, 1-tap Lock, Remote locking via Wifi, 3G etc, Timed Locks, Location based locks, Custom Lock profiles and easy recovery of forgotten passwords.

At a glance

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Developer DoMobile Lab
First Introduced 8th September 2013
Supported Platforms Android
Latest Version 2.12
Minimum Requirements Android 2.3 or higher
Languages Supported 24
Additional Content Advanced protection module,
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Price Free (in-app purchases)


AppLock Features:


  • One master PIN or pattern lock to protect apps and features
  • Photo Vault, conceals private photos from gallery, only accessible through the apps
  • Video Vault, conceals private videos from gallery, only accessible through the apps
  • Supports custom background images
  • Downloadable themes and designs
  • Customizable Lock Profiles
  • Lock switch(WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G Data)
  • Widget for quick locking/unlocking
  • Can lock system features like Access to Incoming / Outgoing calls, data, Wifi, Google Play etc
  • Quick lock switcher on status bar
  • Re-lock policy: allow short exit, no need to unlock again
  • Prevent apps from being uninstalled / installed
  • Hide AppLock’s icon from launcher
  • Prevents AppLock from being deleted or uninstalled
  • AppLock cannot be killed by task killers
  • Little memory footprint and power-saving


AppLock Premium Features:


  • Support for False Covers
  • Randomize Keyboard for security
  • Automatic Lock based on time
  • Automatic lock based on GPS location


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