List Of Bots In Telegram Messenger App

If you are using Telegraph app, then you must know about their bot feature. Bot feature is one of the most useful feature in the app. & if you know a little bit of coding, then making bots becomes fun.

Why you need bots?

If you are new to this app, then you might need someone to help you take through everything. This app is actually meant to do more than just chatting. Bots are actually meant to do mostly all your work in just one app. No matter if it’s your Gmail access or you want anything to know from Wiki, you will mostly fine everything in just one app.

To know more about the bots available in this App, learn more below.

List of Bots in Telegraph Apps

  1. Gmail Bot
  2. Image Bot
  3. GIF bot
  4. IMDB bot
  5. Wiki bot
  6. Music bot
  7. Youtube bot
  8. GitHub bot
  9. Demo Shop Bot
  10. Markdown bot
  11. Sticker bot
  12. Vote bot
  13. Like bot
  14. GameBot
  15. Gamee
  16. HotOrBot

Using all this bots are most likely using the apps. The more you use these bots, the more you will enjoy. You can explore many different features with this bots.


List of Bots in Telegram messenger app
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List of Bots in Telegram messenger app
Here are the list of bots in telegram messenger app that you should know.
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