ASUS Announced Their Zenfone 5 Is Getting A DxOMark Score


ASUS Zenfone 5 has been out there for a while now & the preparations for the Zenfone 5z is going on. However, ASUS just announced that, their regular Zenfone 5 is getting a DxOMark score pretty soon.

Through an Instagram Story, Marcel Campos, Global Marketing Head of ASUS announced,

” Very soon Zenfone 5 with SDM636 (mainstream) will figure on DXO Mark. Will be the first Zenfone to complete a DxOMark testing & score” 

In other parts of the story he asked if the users think that it can stack against devices like the LG V30, HTC U11, Google Pixel & iPhone 8 though simple Polls. So, maybe this is an indication to how well the Zenfone 5 is doing in DXOMark & it may score somewhat similar or somewhere between the iPhone 8 (92) & the Galaxy Note 8 (94). But, we have to see what it actually gains when the scores come out officially.

The Zenfone 5z which is the flagship of the bunch, also spots the exact Camera hardware as the Zenfone 5 but, because it is powered by the Snapdragon 845, it spots a far superior ISP so, it’ll be really interesting to see how much better it does on DxOMark. However, ASUS hasn’t confirmed anything about that as of now.

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